“I got a whole new mindset”

Abbie has taken up different forms of exercise including running, walking and biking, to get to where she needs to be - be it work, school or the local shops.


I started running home from work for fitness and physical health about three years ago. I didn’t do it every day to begin with – but I gradually built it up which felt amazing. At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but I just took it steady and kept doing bits at a time.

“I tell my family and friends – if you can fit fitness around your day, you don’t have to find extra time to do it.”

It also gives you thinking time and some headspace.

If I need to collect something, or go to the shops, I just take my rucksack. I can walk or run with my rucksack so it’s perfect. I’ll often go further now to Meanwood or Roundhay, because it’s really not that far and the more you do it, you just get used to it.