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Get involved in the urban trails coming soon to Burmantofts, Harehills and Richmond Hill

Over Spring and Summer 2024, the Walk it. Ride it. Team will be working with local communities and partners to develop three new community trails with themed, fun routes and activities for all ages and abilities. 

The trails will be signposted for easy everyday walking, wheeling and cycling on your doorstep, so fun outdoor activities and social connections fit better and easier into your everyday life. 

Through the trails you can:

  • Feel good and move more everyday
  • Connect with people in your local community
  • Enjoy your local community and the services you have access to
  • Feel inspired to find out more and try different things on your doorstep
  • Get fresh air and spend time with friends, family and neighbours

The trails will be a permanent fixture all year round, with temporary activities that change with the seasons such as pop-ups and events, inspired by members of the public, local community groups, gardening initiatives, schools, art groups and the Council. We will also be designing small spaces along the route including art interventions, planters, benches, gardens and more.

Importantly, they will be designed in a way that is respectful to others, and therefore no seating will be placed in close proximity to homes where they may be overlooked, and any marginally louder activities will be encouraged at points away from these areas.

The three trails include:


Burmantofts play trail
Play is for everyone. Play is not just for children, and the Burmantofts play trail will provide benefits for children, young people and adults. Play benefits a thriving local economy, increases safety, strengthens communities and improves nature and climate resilience. The trail will include fun signage, and multiple ways to play, including through the ‘Scooter’s Lane’, ‘Corner Forest’, and ‘Play Box’.

The Richmond Hill sensory trail
Sound has proven benefits for health and well-being. Pleasant soundscapes contribute to decreased pain, lower stress and improved mood. Singing and playing in the community strengthens social support, feels part of a community that’s safe, and reduces feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety. In collaboration with Opera North, we will be creating sensory zones – pockets where there are things to touch, taste, hear, smell and see. These zones will include ways to listen to soundscapes created by community groups. These zones will be tied together with signage, seating, local art and more!

The Harehills movement trail
Every move counts. The trail connects different points of interest and key services. The three Activity Hubs – Banstead, Ashton and Harehills Park – are the main zones where people walking, wheeling and cycling could engage in a variety of movement activities. This trail will better connect these hubs to each other, and to everyday places such as schools, shops and community hubs. Improvements will make it easier to be active in these parks whether that be walking, wheeling, dog walking, strolling, jogging, running, scooting, playing sports, using outdoor gym equipment,and so much more.

Would you like to help shape the trails for your community?

The Walk it. Ride it. team would like to offer the public an opportunity to volunteer to be a part of the upcoming trails project in your local area. It wouldn’t take up much of your time, and it’s the perfect chance to help shape the final trails.

You’ll be helping to co-create the outdoor signage, soundscapes, and what goes at the play zones, sensory zones, and within the movement hubs. These things will help your community to come along, try it out and feel happier and healthier together. 

If you would like to volunteer, simply fill in your name and email address using this form and we’ll be in touch to make sure your voice is heard.