“Walking gives me a sense of connection and calm”

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I made a conscious decision to start walking my boys to school, it helps us stay active as a family without thinking about it, and it’s good for our mental wellbeing and the environment too.

We stop and look at the plants and flowers in people’s garden, we see the dandelions and hear the bees – it prompts different conversations that you wouldn’t necessarily get when you’re all bundled into a car.

In the car everyone wants to talk at the same time that it just becomes a build up of noise.

Being outside together is somehow calmer – they play and chatter along and I can hear what they have to say, it gives that time for some individual attention that they need sometimes.

“It’s the power of fresh air! You can feel the seasons change – you are in touch with the world around you that you live in.”

To keep the kids engaged, I let them take their bikes and scooters if we head off somewhere, nipping to the shops or Roundhay Park, the kids love that, and I got myself an adult scooter to join in the fun and keep up with them!

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“Walking gives me a sense of connection and calm”

Sharan has started to walk her boys to school and has found an instinctive connection with people, places and parks.

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