Let’s move towards healthier, greener travel.

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Which short journeys could you swap?

Can you make one small change to a weekly journey? Walk, cycle or use the bus and leave your car at home.

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About the campaign

Walk it. Ride it. is a city-wide movement towards healthier, greener travel in Leeds. We’re coming out of lockdown, so now is a great time to rethink travel and find new ways to arrive happier and healthier. We are asking people across Leeds to make one small change to a weekly journey, to leave the car at home and walk, cycle, or use the bus instead. Every action counts. Your small change could add up to make a big difference to your life and the city we live in. Whether the school run, a local shopping trip, visits to the park, or building healthier travel into your working week, there are lots of opportunities to walk it or ride it and feel much better for it.

An image of a cyclist in cycle gear at Allerton Grange High school


“I love spending time with my son on his walk to school”

Nick talks about how walking his son to school has given him a new lease of life and seeing his son’s development and confidence grow has been incredible.

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Walk it.

There are lots of helpful resources including ideas to help add a bit more walking into your life, walking groups, and new places you can discover on foot.

Ride it.

We have selected the best information to help you travel by bike and bus. Why not build exercise into your day and keep moving by bike or take time to relax and let the bus get you from A to B.